Thursday, July 7, 2011

Some Websites with Great Summer Activity Ideas for Kids

1.     Kaboose – Disney’s online family magazine – full of great information and ideas:

2.     Creative Kids at Home – This site has a page dedicated specifically to summer activities, but also has links to arts and crafts and other general activities:

3.     Frugal Dad: Making Frugal Cool Again – Not only does this dad offer financial advice, he gives a list of two weeks worth of activities to keep those kids busy:

4.     MailJust4Me Playground – This site offers a variety of activities and links to other resources:

5.     Activity TV – This site shows video clips of various summer activities (you may have to sit through some advertising, but it’s fun to see the ideas in action):

These are just some resources, but there are so many more.  I just wanted to get some links down in one location for easier browsing.  So check ‘em out and enjoy.  Have a great summer!

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