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Brei and Jacinda (aka Jay)


In an effort to promote literacy in youth and adults, I created this website (and now Jacinda is helping me with it!) as a review of books that I have recently read. As an English teacher and lover of words, I understand the power of words in teaching us to become better readers, writers, but also better people. Books teach us about the world we live in - tolerance, diversity, personal struggles, etc. In reading, we can better understand ourselves and others around us.

I currently teach English to 7th graders.  I have my Bachelors of Arts in English from Western Michigan University and a Masters Degree in Divergent Learning (Education) through Columbia College in South Carolina.

Brei's family:


Jay's family:

Jay and her husband in Germany
Our family:
Mom, Jay, and Brei

The Herners and the Wilsons together (rocking out before the wedding!)
That's the family!


Las Vegas, Nevada

Email:  b_stoklosa@yahoo.com
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Anonymous said...

This blog is awesome, Brie! Thank you for sharing! . : )

Anonymous said...

Mrs.Wilson (A.K.A Ms. Stoklosa), I Caprisha Minor from your Jameswood Middle school 8th grade english class. When i recieved your letter I took a look at your blog and i enjoy the read. <3 Its awesome

your(past and now young adult) student