Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Another Great Read

As I’ve mentioned before, my reading habits have been different these past nine months (only two more weeks or so until the baby’s arrival!).  But I have managed to do some reading this summer without falling asleep. 

The novel City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare, which I’ve been meaning to read all year, kept me up into the wee hours of the night (and that hasn’t happened in, well, nine months!).  This is the fourth book in the Mortal Instruments series.  I read the first three a couple of years ago and thought that it was a trilogy.  I was surprised this past year when a fourth book came out.  

Cassandra Clare is able to do something truly amazing.  She is able to keep me interested in vampires, witches, demons, etc.  I have to admit to have had my fill of these paranormal creatures.  I tried reading Deborah Harkness's Discovery of Witches a few months ago, but rolled my eyes or gagged every few pages (possibly even more often than that).  The characters are cheeeeeeeeeessssssyyyyyy.  I finally couldn't handle it anymore and had to stop reading.  I know this puts me in the minority since this book was a big hit, but to me, Clare's work is far more exciting!  And most importantly, her characters are interesting and complicated and likable.  (Okay, I can tell this is a blog entry for another day, so back to the topic.)

Simon is adjusting to life as a vampire, which isn't easy considering he doesn't want to drink human blood and he knows that he will live forever - far beyond that of his friends and family.  Add to that the fact that he is impossible to kill due to the curse that Clary put on him and it is obvious to see why he struggles with his identity and is intrigued when one of the oldest vampires attempts to persuade him into helping her reclaim her New York clan.  

Meanwhile, Clary and Jace are having problems of their own.  Even though they are able to be together now (none of those pesky incest fears anymore), life still isn't rosy.  Jace is pulling away from her for reasons that she doesn't understand and he won't talk to her about it (which, I'll admit, gets a bit frustrating at times).  Jace is having vivid dreams in which he kills Clary and is afraid there is evil lurking inside of him since he was raised by a vicious, ambitious killer himself.  

Action-packed from beginning to end, this was another book that I sped through despite my pregnancy exhaustion and while I love the three original books best, I did enjoy this.  The ending, in particular, was intense - a cliffhanger that is sure to send me to the bookstore for the City of Lost Souls.

And if you like the Mortal Instruments series, then check out the Infernal Devices series in which some familiar characters make an appearance.  Infernal Devices is set in the Victorian Period and has similar elements to the Mortal Instruments – shadowhunters, vampires, fae, etc. – but is definitely unique and interesting.  In these books, zombie-like, robotic machines do their evil master’s bidding.  Cool, huh?

Check both series out and enjoy!

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