Monday, July 4, 2011

New Online YA Fiction Magazine is Accepting Submissions

Over the years, YA author Hannah Goodman has struggled to find a publisher for both her novels and short pieces of YA fiction.  Not one to sit back and accept rejection, she self-published two young adult novels and won the Writer’s DigestSelf-Publishing Award in 2004 for My Sister’s Wedding.  Her current move to create a market for her work and the work of other YA fiction writers was to develop and launch Sucker Literary Magazine.

Sucker is an online magazine for purely YA fiction.  Goodman’s dream of creating a place for YA authors, like herself, a venue to showcase their work began in May and she is accepting submissions for the publication and plans to begin with two publications per year, moving into one per month as the magazine gains momentum.

What a wonderful idea and opportunity for YA writers seeking an audience!

Here is the magazine’s website with information about the magazine and submission guidelines:

Here is an article about Ms. Goodman and the magazine from Publisher’s Weekly:

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