Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Maybe it's time for some poetry...

The weather has started to cool down and the sun isn't out as much as I would like it to be. It's fall or technically, the beginning of winter here. We are starting to prep for the holidays, making lists of gifts that we need to start buying, and planning for our Thanksgiving dinner. The smell of spice fills the air and all I want to do is curl up with a glass of Gluhwein and a good book. But there is a part of me that just wants to spend some time writing. Maybe not a novel because I do not think I am even anywhere capable of that but maybe a long journal entry or how about even a poem? When is the last time I have even written a poem? I cannot even begin to remember when or what it might have been about. But maybe it's this time of year that I just feel more emotional and poetry might be a great way to become more in tune with my inner feelings. Maybe it's time for some poetry...
Below is a poem that Brei wrote last year after my grandfather's passing on November 19, 2010. If you didn't read it when she posted then, please take some time to read it now. It is a beautiful poem and maybe it can inspire some of your own poetry. Our maybe it will just make you think of your own family and how important they are to you.

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The Last Great Cowboy

A sturdy, dependable presence.
That’s how we think of you.
Bear-hugging arms,
Sloppy, wet kisses,
Rough whiskers against our soft cheeks,
And always a smile on your face
When you see us.

Your smile is a gift -
Unique to each one of us.
With it, we know we’re special.
We know you see us.
All of us,
As we are.

Sometimes we may feel that no one else
Sees us
But you.

With dirt under your fingernails,
Sawdust on your boots,
A hammer ready on your toolbelt
And a Western in your hands,
You are a present day cowboy.
A hero –
Our hero.

You have crossed the country
To save us from our own mistakes.
You have calmed our fears
when we’ve been surrounded by danger.
You have repaired the cracks in our dry wall
As well as in our self-confidence.
You have built up our homes and our hearts
When they started to crumble.

We may not always be at our best,
But you see us.
You save us.

You have been our father,
Our grandfather,
Our great-grandfather.
A worthy opponent
In our childhood tickle wars
And a worthy opponent
For our children as well.
A confidante, even when our words
Are hard to hear.
A giver of advice
Even when we don’t listen.

We can be difficult,
But you see what’s in our hearts.

You bring us humor
When we want to cry.
You offer praise
without criticism.
You give hugs
And never a cold shoulder.
You see our success
And say nothing of our shortcomings.
You see us as beautiful,
Even when we’re not.

Sometimes we feel invisible.
Sometimes we feel overlooked.
Sometime we feel misunderstood.
Sometimes we make mistakes.
Sometimes we give up.
Sometimes we fail.
Sometimes we don’t say all that we should.
But at all times we feel loved by you.

You can’t always hear us,
But we know that you see us.

Thank you,
For being
Solid, sturdy, and dependable.
A working man.
A realist.
A giver of unconditional love.
Thank you for
Bone-crunching bear hugs
And big juicy kisses
And for letting us sit in your lap
With our head on your shoulder.
Thank you for giving us confidence
And for believing in us
When you are the only one,
Because at times,
We forget to believe in ourselves.

Thank you for seeing us
And letting us know that you love
What you see.

And we want you to know that
we see you.

We may not live in the
Wild West of your novels.
But with your tough, calloused hands,
Gentle in our own and with our hearts,
And your fighting spirit,
To us, you will always be
The Last Great Cowboy.

And long after you ride off into the sunset,
We will love you.
~ by Brei Wilson

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