Thursday, November 24, 2011

~Happy Thanksgiving~

Many of you will be spending today with family or friends, or serving at soup kitchens or cooking for families in need, or relaxing at home with some peace and quiet, but whatever the case, where ever you are, enjoy your day and Happy Thanksgiving.

My husband and I are making a "couple-size" Thanksgiving feast which includes a Turducken (which is the first time we will both will be tasting this hopefully delicious creation). Since we cannot fit a normal size turkey into our tiny oven in our German kitchen, we opted for an interesting combination of turkey, duck, chicken, and sausage. I hope it's yummy!

Below is a link to our President's weekly address: giving thanks to those who serve. The original link would not open for me so this is from youtube. Please, if you have a moment, take some time to watch it but please disregard the comments that people post below it. The video is what is important, a reminder of who we are, and to give thanks.

Again, have a wonderful day and Happy Thanksgiving~


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