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Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris

Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris

Complete List:
1.     Dead Until Dark
2.     Living Dead in Dallas
3.     Club Dead
4.     Dead to the World
5.     Dead as a Doornail
6.     Definitely Dead
7.     Altogether Dead
8.     From Dead to Worse
9.     Dead and Gone
10. Dead in the Family
11. Dead Reckoning (comes out in May 2011)

I was hesitant to begin reading this series, because I wasn't a fan of the Twilight series as so many other people were.  I know this makes me one of the few, but I never felt that Stephanie Meyer's writing was anything special and by the second book, New Moon, I was tired of listening to Bella's whining.  (I'm sure I've just made some enemies with that statement, but it's just personal preference.)  I just figured that vampires weren't really my thing.

My good friend Laura was the one who put the first book into my hands.  "You'll like it," she promised, although I looked at her skeptically.  I mean, I had caught clips of the HBO series True Blood which is loosely based on the series and I found it to be a bit vulgar and gruesome.  I highly doubted that I would get any enjoyment out of the book.  Well, I was dead wrong (pun intended).

I found The Sookie Stackhouse series to be completely exciting, sexy, romantic, and absolutely absorbing.  In fact, I read the entire series in a period of a week or two.  The books themselves aren't technically numbered when you find them in the bookstore, but I've listed them in order above.  Dead until Dark is the first and introduces the reader to the dynamic, no-nonsense, telepathic heroine, Sookie Stackhouse.  She is a southern girl from a small town in Louisiana, who waitresses at the local bar, sunbathes on her front lawn during her mornings off, and has a hard time finding a boyfriend due to the annoying talent she has of reading minds.  Her world is boring and predictable until the vampire Bill walks into the bar one night.  Then, her world is turned upside down.  Suddenly, she has met someone whose mind she cannot read and she finds peace in his presence.  In the world Harris has created, vampires have "come out," so to speak, since the invention of a synthetic blood which takes the place of human blood.  Now vampires no longer have to kill humans in order to survive.

A mystery unfolds in each book and Sookie always seems to get dragged into the middle of it.  She is brave and never backs down from a fight.  She is honest, quick-witted, and utterly likable.  While Bill is her initial romance, the books are full of love triangles and compelling, quirky characters to keep readers interested and rooting for their favorite couple.  (For me, it's Sookie and Eric
- but to each his own!)

Harris's writing provides women with what we all need in a good novel: mystery, romance, danger, and a kick-ass heroine.  If you haven't already, get started on this series.  You'll love it!

Below is a short trailer from the series to pique your interest in the books and an interview with the author, Charlaine Harris.  Enjoy!

Good characterization  *
Interesting plot  **
Strong written style/voice   *
Humorous  **
Creative   **
Entertaining   **

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