Friday, January 21, 2011

Little Moments Mean the Most (To My Husband)

Little moments mean the most.
Fragments of the day, hour, minute –
happening in seconds,
but seeping into the cracks of my memories,
the nooks and crannies,
the spaces otherwise untouchable,
the way water fills crevasses –
flowing, expanding, caressing
the corners of my heart and mind.

That’s where you are.
Spread throughout me,
All with tiny moments.

The dimple that peeks out
when you look at me.
Warms lips pressed
Absentmindedly against my forehead.
Laughter – quick, sharp -
like the staccato of drums
beating your contentment into my heart.
Thumbprints on my cheeks,
following my trail of tears,
when I have let life overwhelm me.
A strong, steady hand, keeping me upright
when the world pushes me down.

You did not earn my love
with words and promises.
It was those fleeting seconds,
glimpses, kisses, gestures.

The sum of you -
Everywhere –
Spread throughout me.

We are built on tiny moments.


Ericka said...

Wow, Brei. What a lovely, beautiful poem. E. Grey

BreiW said...

Thank you! I wrote it when he was deployed.