Thursday, January 27, 2011



I am here,
Even when you don’t see me.
Passing time -
An oak tree rooted in the ground,
Surrounded by smiling children
Or scurrying adults.
Never alone,
Always alone.
Quiet in my solitude
With branches waving,
Leaves rustling
Through wind,
Through rain,
Scorching sunshine,
And inner pain.
Still watching,
Still waiting,
Still praying
To be remembered.
Even when you don’t see me,
I am here.

Please, please don’t forget me
Because the ground
Keeps pulling me down
And I need to have a reason
To wave my branches,
Rustle my leaves,
And rise into sunlight.
I hope you know,
I hope you care,
I hope you think of me sometimes.
Lonely in my solitude -
Being pulled down, down . . .
Storm weathered,
Gravity burdened,
Bending to submission,
Needing to be needed.
Still watching,
Still praying,
Still reaching.
I wait for you

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