Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kids and Teens Can Get Published!

One of my goals this year as a teacher is to get my students’ work recognized and (fingers crossed!) published.  It is wonderful for students to share their work within the classroom, or within the school, or to their parents – but the experience of getting their work read by the community, country, or world is invaluable.

Through some research, I was able to find some websites accepting children’s writing and/or illustrations.  My students are in middle school, so I left off most of the sites geared towards high school students, but I did include some which accept work from 13 – 19 year-olds. 

I was astounded by the number of publication opportunities available and encourage every teacher and student to look into these sites and set some goals.  You CAN be published!

Teen Ink

TeenInk Channel (Youtube)

The Claremont Review
Annual Writing Contest – Spring Deadline

Skipping Stones

Stone Soup

Amazing Kids Magazine

Brick Rhetoric

Creative Kids Magazine

Frodo’s Notebook (13-19 years old and adult submissions)

Ink Pop (young adults 13 and older)

Kid-Cast (a safe place for kids to upload and share their podcasts)

Kids Spirit Online Magazine

Launch Pad

Liminal Journal (13-19 year olds)

The Louisville Review

Middle School Beat

My Hero Project

The Redwing’s Nest

Speak Up (13-19 year olds)

Teen Voices (for girls 13-19 years old)

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