Thursday, August 4, 2011

Book News: Michael Grant - author of best-selling GONE series - launches an interactive new series

"The missing son of a U.N. diplomat... the reemergence of a strange organization... a pair of society twins caught in the middle... this is just the beginning of "Go BZRK," a new transmedia experience from author Michael Grant."

Best-selling author Michael Grant (Gone series) is using technology in an entirely new way.  In the winter, he will be releasing a new series: Go BZRK.  In preparation for the release, he has created a world for his characters and hinted at the plot through websites and blogs.  This innovative idea combines traditional storytelling with the interactive world of the internet.  Readers can be actively involved with the characters and the story through blog entries, videos, pictures, puzzles, etc.  The characters become real. 

As a teacher, I know that this will appeal to my struggling readers.  It will make them care about the characters and the storyline.  And I've already checked out the websites related to this "transmedia" phenomenon and I can say that I am very intrigued and excited by the concept.  It's like a soap opera that plays out online, but readers can choose who to listen to and what to read.  It's almost as if they become investigators - participants in solving the mystery.

"Filled with video, puzzles, community collaboration, and more, "Go BZRK" put YOU the player right in the middle of the action as you join Nexus Humanus and unravel a mystery that may hold the key to the fate of all mankind."

The series itself revolves around the disappearance of Davis Morgenstein, son of a member of the UN Security Council.  His twin sisters, Sylvie and Sophie, have created a blog in an effort to raise awareness and get help from their readers in finding him.  They hint at aspects of their life, including their relationship with their parents and their wealthy social status, and mention an organization (or cult, as they refer to it) with interests in human evolution that may have sinister intentions.

I recommend getting involved in this entertaining mystery!  By registering to the following two sites you will be pulled into the lives of Sophie and Sylvie and their efforts to save their brother:


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