Thursday, December 8, 2011

Not Accepting Review Requests - Sorry!

Okay.  I have been getting many requests for book reviews and I just want to be clear and up front.  I am not accepting requests at this time.  It is not because I don't believe in you.  It is not because I don't want to help you.  It is because I am a full-time teacher with a stack of papers to grade that I could literally be buried in and my own writing career has been put on hold for this.

So, while I'd love to help and fully support your endeavors (as I can relate), I have to help myself first and I'm drowning in work right now.  It kills me that my own writing has been pushed aside, because it is truly a top priority.  And you even may have noticed that I'm lagging behind in blog entries.  It is simply because I do not have time to write, let alone read a book to review it right now.

Jacinda was doing her best to help me as the school year started, and hopefully she'll jump back on the bandwagon, but for now, she's having Internet issues at her home in Germany.

Again, I apologize and wish every writer the best!  I may be open to accepting requests this summer, but I'll know more as that time approaches.

Best of luck, writers!

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