Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Great Resources for Teachers!

I've been slowly gathering a list of websites and resources to check out and/or use in my classroom and I thought, why not share the information?  There is so much wonderful stuff out there and if it weren't for others sharing, I would be in the dark about it all.

To start, I'll introduce, a site which VERY easily creates videos.  I made a trailer for the book The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson as an experiment and to show my students what they can do (Click on the link above).

Here is a list I've generated of other possible sites for personal and/or educational purposes (and if you have some to add, please let me know about them!):

List of Useful Websites: - make a page of blogs, tweets, articles, etc. on one subject - social networking site for classrooms; it's like Facebook for school.  I use this in my classroom right now and the students really enjoy it.  I post videos, pictures, discussion questions, polls, etc. for them and they get to respond.  They seem to really enjoy it! - annotate, highlight, make comments on ANY document.  Just upload it. - highlight text from articles posted online and print or save.  – upload pdf files to create an online flip book - create videos or book trailers  - convert Word docs to PDF files - Kelly Gallagher – articles to discuss in class (articles of the week)

 Reading Rockets – invaluable info for teachers on books, authors, classroom strategies, etc.

 Punctuation: - quick lessons in punctuation

About Authors/Books:

Videos for the Classroom:
TED – inspirational lectures

The Last Lecture (by dying Dr. Randy Pausch)

Free Hugs Guy (writing prompts; discussion)

Lincoln Assassination Witness (Game Show with smoking host)

Batman movie (onomatopoeia)

Did you Know 4.0?  (effect of Technology and changes; Fall 2009)

Shift Happens (2011)

Figurative Language Bomb

WWII Propaganda Posters

Two trailers for tone and mood based on Mary Poppins

Elements of Fiction (Flocabulary)

Videos of the Week - game to introduce Microsoft Office  – wiki for $99/year
YouTube:  Social Media Revolution 2011

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