Friday, June 10, 2011

Great Blog that Summarizes YA Lit Debate: YA Highway

This blog summarizes through quotes by authors, editors, agents, journalists, and bloggers the debate that began this week with an article on the "darkenss" of YA fiction. Quite the controversy!

Here's the link to the original article by Megan Cox Gurdon:

Here are my favorite highlights from the YA Highway blog:
  • Author Laurie Halse Anderson: "As a preacher’s kid, and as someone who loves a lot of conservatives, and lives in a rural, conservative community, I understand the adults who are terrified of YA books. I feel compassion for them. Because it’s not the books they’re afraid of."
  • Author Ellen Hopkins: "Step up to the plate, parents. Read with your kids. Open the lines of communication and discuss your kids’ favored reading material with them. That’s parenting. Censorship is not.
  • Blogger Travis Darling: "Should YA novels be full of a deceitful joy and beauty or should they instead contain realism, characters and situations that we can identify with and be inspired by?"
  • Author Courtney Summer (whose post is brilliant illustrated with gifs, because that's how we do in YA): "I am so thankful for writers who confront the darkness rather than hide from it. I am equally thankful for writers who show us the brighter side of life as well. AND OH MY GOD do you think there are books out there that do BOTH? I bet there are. Wow."

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