Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Great Used Book Store in Las Vegas

Dead Poets Books

I am not always impressed with stores that only sell used books.  I remember my experience in Cloudcroft (see Bookstores in Need of Improvement page) and was expecting the same, especially here in Las Vegas where the store itself is located in the middle of a strip mall.  No, the outside of the shop did not have the charm which usually drives me into a store, but once inside, I was pleasantly surprised.

The bookstore itself is an eclectic blend of quirky chairs, sofas, lamps, and of course - books!  The atmosphere was a bit dark and had the typical musty smell of any used bookstore.  But it did have a large selection of books, was organized according to genre, and even had rare editions, pottery, albums, and DVDs.  There literally is something for everyone.  

I immediately found numerous books I wanted to take home with me - and all of them were great deals.  Unfortunately, I was limited on my time and could only grab three before checking out.  But trust me, I will be back.  I simply cannot afford to keep buying books full-priced from chain retail stores.  And, I hate to admit it, but I also cannot remember to return library books, so that is not always an option for me either.  This is a great solution.

Things I liked about the store:
1.   The crazy furniture and knick-knacks.  It has character and as a sign reads at the front of the store, "Characters welcome!"  It seems appropriate.
2.   A large selection.  There are new and old books.  I like that it is not limited to just paperback books.  There is hardcover and new edition softcover as well.  They have everything from fiction to a military section.  
3.   The woman who worked there.  Now, I did not get her name.  She could have been the owner, but regardless, she was extremely pleasant.  We struck up a conversation about authors we like and don't like.  She genuinely knows her books and it is always a joy to meet other book-lovers.  This personal touch is not something you usually find at Borders or Barnes and Noble.  

Things I didn't like:
1.   I would have liked to see a section for just young adults.  The children's section is quite small and not geared at all toward the teenager.  That could use some updating.
2.   They need a website.  There is a MySpace page, but the information is limited.  I would like to learn more about the activities going on at the store.  For example, the sci-fi book club, the poetry readings, and any other activity they are in the process of starting.  It would also help to get the word out about their store and generate more business.

All in all, it was a good experience.  It was a bit dinghy, as most used bookstores are, but full of character.  The staff is extremely pleasant and if you truly love books, I have a feeling you won't leave empty handed.

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